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Testing traffic Gravel for shale content is very important. Shale is very weak stone and crushes to powder under extended traffic. Traffic Gravel with high shale content sells at a discounted price and may not be worth the cost of trucking.

Understanding Gravel partial size is very important for all rural municipal councils and anyone buying road gravel. Fines are not sand, rather fines are very small particles that form silts and even smaller particles form natural clay. Fines are the most important particles in good Road Gravel and individually are not visible to the human eye.

My goal is to significantly lower your gravel and gravel road maintenance costs.

Many people think gravel is simple, however it is very complex. Think of a gravel road as an expensive structure that will have to endure a lot of abuse, before more money is spent to rebuild it. Your taxpayers want it to last as long as possible. 

  •  Have you tested your road base?
  •  Is the surface gravel the correct mix for the conditions?
  •  Is an independent tester randomly sampling and testing for quality?
  •  Is the gravel application being checked and done correctly?

Sampling aggregate is the most critical step in the aggregate testing process. The problem is segregation of materials. Stone, sand and fines do not want to stay evenly mixed and getting a true representative sample is very important if you want a true test result. The ASTM American Society of Testing Materials have developed several sampling procedures to follow for different situations. 

Independent, random sampling and testing for quality by an experienced person will guarantee a quality product is what you are getting and the taxpayers are paying for.

Budgets are tight and good gravel is being depleted. Getting the mix right and good quality control can extend the gravel road performance and save your taxpayers a lot of money. 

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  • Mobile Aggregate Testing
  • ASTM sampling process
  • ASTM testing process
  • Advice regarding road construction, base and surface aggregates. 

My goal is to cut your gravel and maintenance costs by improving your base and surface aggregates. 

*My services are exclusively with Rural Municipalities in Manitoba for discounted rates.

*My services exclusively deal with Gravel and Gravel Roads. 

SARM. Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities. The Importance of Testing.

Clay Capping. One of Many Ways to Extend the Life of a Gravel Road.

Gravel is a mix of, stone  -  sand  -  fines / clay.
Particle size is very important to understand.
Note the difference between a grain of sand and a grain of clay.
My point is that you can not tell by sight if you got good road gravel, until it is to late.

This gravel pile shows serious aggregate segregation. If it is not remixed it will show up as poor road construction.

An ASTM sieve test uses many sieves of various sizes to make sure the aggregate is what was requested by the RM.

Here I am experimenting with different Clay, Sand and Rock mixtures that will shed rain water and support heavy traffic.